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Toño Velasco was born in Valladolid in August 1970. He graduated in Oviedo

College of Art where he specialized in engraving and printing techniques in

1992. He lives in Oviedo currently where he is developing his own private

artistic activity combining it with his graphic design teaching job in Asturias

High College of Arts and his freelancing work as a graphic designer.

Group Exhibitions

• 1989 Promotion Young Art, Buenavista’s Youth House, Oviedo (Spain).

• 1990 Versions of Guernica, Oviedo College of Arts (Spain).

• 1991 Graphic Arts, Tarlatana Gallery, Oviedo (Spain).

• 1992 Asturian Engravers, Oviedo College of Arts (Spain).

• 1993 Postcards for Pin, Oviedo College of Arts (Spain).

• 1994 Group Exhibition, Carmen Durango Gallery, Valladolid (Spain).

• 1998 A place called Paradise, Alternative Space Paradise, Oviedo (Spain).

• 1999 Treasurer of Art, Alternative Space Paradise, Oviedo (Spain).

• 2001 Sea Monsters, Art 13, Oviedo (Spain).

Individual Exhibitions

• 1991 Engravings, ART 13, Oviedo (Spain).

• 1991 Contour Man and Environment, Borrón Room, Oviedo (Spain).

• 1997 An eye for an eye, ART 13, Oviedo (Spain).

• 1998 Family Matters, ART 13, Oviedo (Spain).

• 1999 Gobbledygook, (Toño Velasco Anthology), Isla de Cuba, Oviedo


• 2001 Bounces the neuron that remains against the walls of Clandestine,

Clandestino, Oviedo (Spain).

• 2010 Tables in my garden, Malayerba, Oviedo (Spain).

Artistic interventions

• Interior design and decorative art works in Sir Laurens Night Club, together

with Vicente Pastor, Maite Centol and Chus Cortina, Oviedo (Spain).

• Interior design and decorative art works and several murals for Maco´s Pub

on Cangas de Onís (Spain).

• Creation of a mural in La Reserva, Oviedo (Spain).

• Creation of a mural in El Planeta, Oviedo (Spain).

• Decorative works in Nunca Jamás, Oviedo (Spain).


• 1991 Selected for the Young Art Show of Asturias (Borrón Room).

• 1994 Selected for the final stage of grants for creation (Banesto Foundation).

• 2000 Special Mention in audiovisual design section in MOTIVA 00 Awards.