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Essay on mockery

Foto Patricia Simón / Human Journalism
Foto Patricia Simón / Human Journalism

This project arises from the necessity of creating a collective action following a personal project, an optimistic and carefree vision of the current state, provoking through sense of humor a social movement.


Why when a child stares at us from the car next to us, why do we have the irresistible temptation to poke our tongue?.


This mockery is a caricature of yourself. This Project is called "An Essay on the mockery" is a unique project and has already begun and aims to show the public those faces with a gesture quite instantaneous, in extreme close-up, provided through my own artistic perception creating a collection of portraits that have the masks with which we defend ourselves from any attempt to cross the privacy of our face.


It goes beyond the mere act of plastic canvas, delves into the web of social networks, to become a movement and as a makeshift mass mobilization is involved, involving people connected by an anonymous gesture. Interacting with them also in the exhibition space.


This project will grow with your participation, if you can laugh at yourself go to this link and participate, you can also show the world that you are capable causing a smile.


This project aims to create a large sample of portraits in large format, looking for the public to examine the details of its expression, putting the public in the position of children who see a giant tongue out.


Until today doesn’t exists in the international art scene any project of this nature, providing the world with a personal vision but also raising questions about the privacy of a fantastic gesture