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How to participate?

You can be part of this global Project


If you want to join with ESSAY ON THE MOCKERY you just have to send a photo mocking to tognov@gmail.com and you will participate, with your picture in the exhibition project, keep in mind that seeks to create a movement, a collective action that our many gestures to generate a movement that starts from the premise to begin to laugh at ourselves and getting laughs as an act of solidarity in times of crisis.

All photos will be posted on this website and will be screened in different exhibitions resulting from the project, a selection of these will form part of the collection of portraits in large format.

The idea is to take pictures making fun, but is not to scare but to make people laugh, nod is that we make to the children who stick their tongue in the car to us. Remember to laugh at oneself is highly therapeutic, so go ahead and make him a mockery of the world.

Some advices


• Make us laugh with your photo

• Photos of all ages and all genres

• Avoid flashazos (kill all the details of your speech)

• Sometimes the simplest is to make pictures from your webcam

• Send photos to tognov@gmail.com


* All photos displayed are anonymous respecting the identity of the ship.

* Taking part in the project means the transfer of rights to use images within the framework of the "Essay on the joke. "